CHAD’s mission is to provide excellent care for adults with learning disabilities to enable them to fulfil their potential. We will promote growth in all areas of life including creating employment/work experience opportunities at an accessible level. The provision will address the individual needs of each service user. We will use the local and wider community to promote personal growth and independence. 


We strongly believe in equality of opportunities and inclusion and guarantee that the service users in our care will be able to access a wide range of opportunities including further education, Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme, ASDAN, outdoor pursuits and other community-based activities.


All service users will be empowered to make as many choices as possible and they will be offered choices regarding every aspect of their lives. Every service user will have a person centred plan to ensure that his or her programme of activities is suitable for each individual. We have training in many fields of communication (including PECS and Makaton) and will promote a range of communication styles to enable individual service users to express their needs.


CHAD intends to develop employment opportunities and work experience for their service users by opening a social firm whereby the service users decide on the type of firm they wish to set up and how it is organised.

A nationally recognised artist and several craftspeople have expressed interests in working with our service users. ICT will be promoted for all of our service users to develop their communication skills and options. We will employ trainers in this field.

Access to organisations such as Skills for People, SHAW and other training providers will also be offered according to the individual needs of each service user.