CHAD is an organisation that strives for quality at all times. Our sole intention is to promote the well being, improve the quality of life and extend the range of opportunities available to the people in our care.

Our reputation and success will be based on the happiness, well being and progress of the people in our care.

We will always provide a high quality of care of which will be person centred, giving the people in our care as much choice as possible about their lives.
We will be meticulous in the selection of our staff as their interaction and affinity with the people in our care is crucial to the service we provide.

Our philosophy is to turn a house into a home and to give people a sense of belonging, by providing a warm, welcoming environment. We will enable everyone in our care to live as ordinary a life as possible. Our ethos is that Cordingly house belongs to those who live there and they will be involved in all decision making.
All our residents will benefit from being involved in useful, stimulating and diverse activities.

We aim for all the people in our care to enjoy a full and interesting social life, with the support from their carers.

All people in our care are given the opportunity to go on holidays.

At CHAD all our service users will be offered at least one week-long holiday per year. Our company directors have regularly taken groups of people with learning disabilities on residential visits to facilities such as Calvert Trust, National Trust, Oasis, Centre Parks. Holidays will be arranged in consultation with the service users and every effort will be made to ensure the availability of holidays which appeal to all.

Regular leisure activities will be provided according to individual choice. Activities such as bowling, swimming, horse riding, health clubs, cinema, theatre, ice-skating will all be offered on a regular basis.