CHAD’s mission is to provide excellent care for adults with learning disabilities to enable them to fulfil their potential. We will promote growth in all areas of life including creating employment/work experience opportunities at an accessible level. The provision will address the individual needs of each service user. We will use the local and wider community to promote personal growth and independence.

It is vital to CHAD that the service users feel that the Cordingley House in Linden Terrace is their home for life. This is in order to provide them with the security and feeling of belonging to a family group.

CHAD will promote positive relationships which exist with family and friends in the service users home community and will endeavour to maintain these relationships. We will operate an “open door” policy whereby friends, families and advocates of the service users will be encouraged to visit and be as involved as possible in the daily lives of the service users.

All prospective service users will undergo a complete and thorough assessment prior to their acceptance to Cordingley House. This will include several visits to Cordingley House and meetings with other service users. Advocates, families and any other interested and responsible parties will also be invited to attend meetings and visits. It is essential that all service users are able to live in harmony with each other and that together they form a compatible family style group.

Questionnaires and other assessment tools will be used to ensure that Cordingley House provides a suitable environment for each service user.

Our company director and secretary have a wealth of experience of working, in the field of special education, with young people and adults with learning difficulties, challenging behaviour and autism. During their careers in education they became increasingly concerned regarding the shortage of suitable provision for young people when leaving formal education. They are both dedicated to the promotion of education for life and aim to provide a challenging and fulfilling environment to stimulate and provide opportunities for development of self-esteem.